Hands on Science FaceShields


hands on science FACESHIELDS

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Hands on Science are continuing to help with the demand for PPE for anyone that wants to stay safe.

As Shops and Schools are reopening it is essential that we all protect ourselves and those we meet when we do go out.

Research has shown that cloth face masks provide very little protection to the wearer and can even store the virus if worn for too long.  A FaceShield prevents droplets reaching your eyes, nose and mouth and can be cleaned using an alcohol wipe.

Unlike imported alternatives our visor is also replaceable when it does get scratched. This makes them great value for money.


Our brand new Hands on Science Covid-19 FaceShields consist of a visor that is worn across the forehead and secured behind the head with elastic.  Our FaceShields

  • provide the first layer of protection against respiratory droplets, sneezes and airborne particles
  • act as a barrier to stop hand to face contact
  • are cleanable and reusable, forming a protective shield that can be cleaned or replaced when contaminated
  • are flexible, lightweight and comfortable so they can be worn all day
  • one of the most effective types of face protection
  • British engineered and manufactured

Retail workers, Opticians, Hairdressers are particularly at risk from coronavirus because of their constant exposure to the Public, potentially leading to them developing a higher viral load and a more severe form of the illness.

FaceShields are available in packs of 2,4 or 10 from as little as £5 each inc p+p and because we offer spare visors they are reusable so incredibly cost effective.


Two complete FaceShields – £15 (inc P+P)

Four complete FaceShields – £28 (inc P+P)

Price per box of 10 complete Faceshields – £50 (inc P+P)

Price per pack of 10 spare visors – £4 (inc P+P if ordered with FaceShields)

Price per 10 spare visors – £5 (if ordered separately one-off £4 fee for P+P)


Dispatch within 24 hours from receipt of payment.

Please Note: FaceShields are most effective if used in combination with frequent hand cleaning with alcohol based hand sanitiser or soap and water.