Mark Walton

KS3-4 STEM Challenges

KS3-4 STEM Challenges are team based activities. They tackle real world problems that teenagers are keen to solve.

Pupils use their STEM knowledge and collaborate to develop novel, cost effective solutions.

Our Challenges are a great way to inspire pupils about science and engineering career options and teach them to manage budgets too.

Running KS3-4 STEM Challenges

In a typical day 2 workshop leaders would run 3 different STEM Challenges for a single group of 120 pupils in a day.

We can also deliver a STEM Careers talk.

Schools book Challenge days throughout the year. They are very popular as a post exam activity. The full catalogue is here.

bookING and FEES

A Challenge day for up to 120 pupils is £1295. This is all inclusive and includes 2 workshop leaders for the whole day.

Booking is simple – just drop us an email.


Teachers Appreciation

"Having the female team member give the careers talk was just what we needed as it really got the girls thinking “Hey I could do this too”

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Is it for me?

"Engineering isn’t just about getting your hands dirty it’s about working as a team to solve problems, feeling good about what you design" Yr 8

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