Frequently Asked Questions

We have put Frequently Asked Questions on this page and regularly update it. If you can’t find you answer here please drop us an email – we would love to hear from you.

why choose hands on science?

Our philosophy is different. We want to inspire future generations of scientists.

Our stating point is to be engaging and fun.

We know children learn best by doing.

That’s why you won’t find us at the front of the hall, performing demonstrations.


Instead we work in your classrooms, encouraging every child to be a hands on scientist.

You have a choice from over 100 workshops.

You can choose a different workshop for every class.

There’s plenty of equipment and resources to go around, and lots of time for investigations.


Where do you work?

From Truro to John O’Groats and all schools in between.

Our nationwide team of workshop leaders work right across the UK.

How do I book with Hands on Science?

All you need to do is to drop us an email with as much information as you have.

We try to respond in 24 hours of your email – including over weekends.

How can I find Workshops and Challenges?

Use our Workshop Search tool. You can search for Curriculum and Enrichment Primary Workshops, workshops which fit with Whole school Themes and KS3-4 Challenges.

Then add them to your Shortlist.


What is the Shortlist?

The shortlist is like a basket – where you can drop workshops in as you find them and build an enquiry email as you browse the site.

You can add and remove workshops to the shortlist as you explore the website.

Its easy to share it with colleagues and to email it to us as an enquiry.


What Notice do you need for a Booking?

A bit of notice is always a help…but we understand that’s not always possible.

If you have a last minute problem – don’t panic. Get in touch – we promise to do everything we can to help.

We also take bookings well into the future. The diary already has bookings for next year’s British Science Week


What are the Fees?

Full information on fees can be found here. There is a small range in the fees to handle long distance travel.

Every child who takes part in a workshop will do lots of hands on scientific investigation.

We will…

Bring everything with us, including specialist equipment.

Not run shows or demonstrations.

Kick start the day with an assembly, if timetables allow.

…The rest of the time you will find us in the classroom doing experiments with your children.


How do we pay you?

We will invoice you after the event. Up to that point all our focus will be on delivering your science day.

Terms and Conditions

Every workshop has been tried, tested and risk assessed.

All our workshop leaders have current DBS certificates.

We carry full insurance.

Full terms and conditions are here and we hope you find them fair and comprehensive.

We operate in partnership with schools and organisations and promise to look after you the very best we can.

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Our new search engine makes it easy to find workshops by Curriculum or Enrichment topics. Read below on how to add them to a shortlist too.

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Top Tips for Science Clubs

Share the effort between the team. Run an assembly to create enthusiasm. Give older children the chance to attend, before they leave.

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Build a shortlist by clicking on Add to Shortlist - found on every workshop page. Share your shortlist with colleagues or email it directly to us.