Terms and Conditions

Terms of Business
Bookings must be confirmed in writing, either by email or post.

Your confirmation indicates that you accept the terms and conditions as laid out below and that you are entering into a contract with the Hands on Science group.

Contract Period
The contract shall commence from the date of your order confirmation and shall terminate on the delivery of the service or product ordered, unless agreed by both parties in writing.

Event Delivery
The needs of every school and event are different. We will work with you before the event to understand the key things that each of us need to do in order to make the event run smoothly. These will be confirmed in the Booking Form and will form contractual obligations for each of us. The following general terms also apply:-
Hands on Science will:-
• Supply all necessary resources and Workshop Leader(s)
• Risk Assess the workshop during its development and the venue(s) upon arrival
• Run the workshops booked against the agreed timetable (accommodating where possible changes necessary on the day)
• Stop the workshop if we believe the safety of anyone attending is at risk, we will then discuss with you how we can resolve the issue
• Leave the venue as clean and tidy as we received it

The School will:-
• Provide a venue suitable for running the workshop
• Provide the usual class supervision, a minimum of one teacher per class
• Manage behaviour
• Tell us about any significant cultural, topical issues or special needs that we need to be aware of.
• Handle any Health and Safety issues and Evacuations

Hands on Science is covered by £2 million public liability insurance and £10 million Employers Liability insurance. We recommend that your own insurance protects you for the duration of the contract with Hands on Science within the term terms and conditions listed.

Payment Terms
Payment shall be upon invoice and our payment terms are 28 days from the invoice date.

All prices quoted are nett of VAT. VAT will be added to our invoices at the prevailing rate at the date of delivery
Electronic payment is requested where possible but payment may also be made by cheque drawn upon a UK bank or UK branch of a foreign bank. All payments must be made in pounds Sterling. Any currency conversion costs must be met by the client.
The information required to make an electronic payment will be supplied by Hands on Science on the invoice sent to you. Overdue invoices may attract interest charges and be applicable on the day that the payment becomes overdue. We understand and will exercise our statutory right to interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under current late payment legislation.

For larger or complex projects that require equipment to be purchased Hands on Science may require that a proportion of the monies due be paid in advance of work starting, and may negotiate for stage payments against the completion of agreed parts of the work. If payment in advance is required, then no work will commence on the project until the full amount of the advance payment agreed has been received and cleared into the company bank account. Hands on Science accepts no responsibility for delays to projects arising from late payment or non-receipt of advanced or staged payments.

Cancellation terms
Cancellation of workshops by client:
Cancellation on the day = 100% of the agreed fee
1-10 working days before the confirmed event = 50% of fees plus any advanced purchase travel, accommodation
10+ working days before the confirmed event will only result in any costs incurred ahead of the event being charged (e.g. advanced purchase travel, accommodation)

Whilst all reasonable steps will be taken by Hands on Science to ensure that the event runs smoothly this may not always be possible due to circumstance outside Hands on Science control or due to difficulties unforeseen at the time of booking.

Hands on Science will not accept liability arising out of delayed or non-delivery due to:
1) Acts of aggression by foreign powers, acts of terrorism, civil unrest or commotion, industrial action, criminal activity, accidents involving the release of radioactive material, road, rail, air or shipping accidents or damage to or the destruction of Hands on Science property by any means whatsoever
2) The death, injury or illness of any principal, partner or employee of Hands on Science or the death, injury or illness of any close relative or any principal, partner or employee of Hands on Science
3) Non receipt of any payments in advance agreed by the client
4) Any other cause outside the control of Hands on Science and not specified above

Cancellation of delivery by Hands on Science
In the event of cancellation or non-delivery caused by any of the above we will first endeavour to rearrange delivery at a mutually convenient time to both parties
In the event of cancellation or non-delivery caused by reasons not outlined above, or if a mutually convenient date cannot be arranged for delivery then Hands on Science will return any customer payments made in relation to the aspect of the work that has not been done. We do not accept any liability for venue hire or other costs resulting from cancellation.

Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual property rights remain with Hands on Science on all workshop material and website content, unless agreed otherwise in writing.
We encourage you to take photos and videos of the day for your own use in school however:-
• No unauthorised filming, copying, editing or lending of workshop material is allowed without written permission from Hands on Science.
• Workshop material cannot be sold on to or shared with third parties without written permission.

The Hands on Science group includes the following Companies:-
Hands on Science Ltd – For School workshops

Hands on Science (International) Ltd – For Corporate, Festival and overseas workshops

HoS Afterschool Ltd – For Afterschool workshops