Absolutely fantastic. Rosh Pinah Primary School

I saw the heart workshop and it was absolutely fantastic. The kids were fully engaged and found the workshop fascinating. LA did an excellent job of teaching and managing the children, explaining what to do and organising the resources. She was really clear in her delivery and the children learnt a lot from her. Thank you very much.

Engaging Electricity Workshops at Nansen Primary

Thank you to Laura for being an amazing Workshop host. Our children have gained an incredible insight into electricity. The head and our Science Lead came in to see the children, and every child in my class was able to articulate so many facts about electricity. Laura has a lovely, calm aura and her workshops were so engaging and informative. The confidence she has given the children is awe-inspiring. Thank you for making such a lovely experience possible.

We LOVED our Hands on Science day! Botley C of E Primary School

We LOVED our hands on science day. Our workshop leader was really engaging and lead the workshops really well. It was an amazing learning experience for the children and will be so memorable for them. We have had parents and governors comment on this positive experience for the children and we would definitely do this again. Our workshop leader really went above and beyond to provide the very best experience for all of our children so we would like to say a special Thankyou to him for that. Overall a fantastic day!
Botley C of E Primary School

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St Peters School Children Remembered Us

St Peters School children remembered us when we paid them another visit this year Their teachers loved us too. "We really enjoyed the workshops and it got the Bernie seal of approval (our Headmistress) which is no small feat! I’m sure we will use your company again next year", Luke, St Peters CofE Primary School, Yeovil
Luke M, St Peters C of E Primary School, Yeovil

Oasis Ryeland – Landing on Mars and Dissecting Hearts

Juliet really wowed the children at Oasis Ryeland - Landing on Mars and Dissecting Hearts.
The workshops were fab. The year 5 mars lander workshop was very hands on and allowed the children to problem solve. It’s very topical and contextual, considering the probe landed on Mars yesterday. The year 6 classes both really enjoyed the heart workshop and we now have many children who are looking to go into medicine as a career. Thank you to Juliet- she was very resourceful and engaging.
Rachel G

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Broad Oak Community Primary Feedback

Broad Oak Community Primary feedback.  "The session was great. Adam was really engaging and passionate about science. He kept the children on task and active. I was really impressed with his knowledge and enthusiasm". Adam is our champion workshop leader for the North of England.