Teachers love our Primary STEMBOXES. Many Primary and SEN Schools would love to run a Science Club or Science Week, but may not quite have the budget for a Workshop Leader day.  STEMBOXES are a really cost effective alternative.


A STEMBOX is a one hour hands on workshop – couriered to and from your school.

Every STEMBOX is complete and ready to use – with a full set of notes, materials, equipment and risk assessments.

Our philosophy is to bring science alive – so every child learns by doing their own experiments.

The workshop notes and contents will get you up to speed in no time, they are easy to follow and implement.

You can use our engine to search the STEMBOX catalogue and add workshops to your shortlist, then just send us the list as an enquiry.


STEMBOXES are £80 each.  To keep courier costs down, we ask that you place a minimum order of 3 STEMBOXES at a time.  Each box contains everything you need to run a workshop for a class of  up to 34 children.  for multiple classes with the same box we charge a bit extra for the additional resources on top.

We will put together a quote for a great set of STEMBOXES you can use for a whole week.


placing an order

If you like the idea of STEMBOXES just drop us an email to get the ball rolling.



Top Tips for Science Clubs

Share the effort between the team. Run an assembly to create enthusiasm. Give older children the chance to attend, before they leave.

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Run your own Science Week

Use our workshop search tool to choose school a theme or curriculum topics. Allow an hour a workshop per class

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