Prices and Timetables


  • We deliver full workshop days tailored to each individual school’s requirements
  • We understand teachers are very busy, so we keep it simple – both on prices and booking
  • We can usually complete all the details of a booking in a couple of emails AND
  • Our fee structure is simple – you pay a fixed all inclusive fee per workshop leader day NO EXTRAS OR ADDITIONAL TRAVEL COSTS
  • Larger schools can book more workshop leader days. Small adjacent schools can share costs with half a workshop day each
  • There are some example timetables at the bottom of the page which demonstrate how we run a workshop day

Fee – PER workshop leader day: from £549

 How to make an enquiry or Book a day

You can build and email your own shortlist of workshops using our search toolor drop us an email to make an enquiry or booking.

We understand every school is different. The timetables and prices here are illustrative. You will have a science day tailor-made for your school.


See below for example timetables and indicative prices for Infant, Primary, Junior School  or KS3-4 Science Days.

You can filter to view them by school type. We can run longer sessions too if you want to combine some workshops around a specific theme .