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Our primary science workshops promote scientific investigation by children. This helps develop skills in planning, predicting, observation, and fair testing. Many workshops work well in an SEN setting too. Every experiment is fun,engaging and hands on.

To create an exciting buzz around STEM learning we’ve found visiting schools for a whole day really achieves this!  We also visit for a series of days at larger schools to deliver workshops to as many children as possible.  We always tailor a programme of workshops around each individual school, just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll build an exciting timetable to suit your needs.


With over 40 tried and tested science workshops available, we have the Primary Science Curriculum covered.

Our workshops support curriculum topics humans including animals, space, forces, materials and their properties, working scientifically, light, electricity and much more.

Our quick and easy search engine has been designed to make it simple for you to find workshops by topic and year group.

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Established in 2006, working in schools from Inverness to Truro, Hands on Science is the science provider of choice for schools across the UK.

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We understand that every primary teacher wants to give their children the best science education possible, with lots of inspiring practical work.

There are some primary science topics which lend themselves to simple and effective experiments – and you can confidently develop those, without our help.

Other topics are more challenging to bring to life. You may not have the specific skills, in depth knowledge or specialist equipment to be confident to develop the right experiments from scratch.

Every new experiment takes time and know how to develop, test, and risk assess. It can take several attempts before an experiment is reliable enough to help your children learn it.  Why not use us for the best primary science experiments, designed and delivered by experts?


Hands On Science has spent over 15 years developing the largest choice of primary school science experiments in the UK, covering primary science curriculum topics. We bring the specialist equipment and knowledge you need.

When we visit your school, you can be confident that your children will learn to use the correct vocabulary. They will be introduced to using a range of scientific methods, processes, testing, and observation skills.

Our experiments are age appropriate and hands on too – with lots of guaranteed wonder, wow and fun.

How to Book

1. Search for workshops by KS, year and topic, using our simple workshop search engine

2. Drop us an email from any workshop page – with as much information as possible

3. We’ll reply with a range of options for a great science day

4. Reply with an email to book and we will do the rest

5. Invoicing happens after our visit – up to that point our focus is on delivery


Our specialist and experienced team of science communicators work in schools across the UK. They are committed to inspiring primary children about science and know-how to pitch the science according to the age and abilities of the children in the room.

Click through for more specific information on primary science workshops for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


We have worked with, and made a difference to, tens of thousands of children in hundreds of schools. There’s a real buzz when we return to a school – both the children and the teachers are excited. A year later they can still remember what they learned, and the fun they had too. It makes all our hard work worthwhile when we learn that we have delivered a difficult concept successfully to a whole class – and when we inspired and engaged a reluctant learner.

Primary children are naturally curious and are at the best age to develop a life long love of science. Here’s OFSTED’s view on the importance of primary science within the primary national curriculum:

In primary, there is a continued narrowing of the curriculum where schools’ understandable desire to ace the English and maths SATs has been squeezing the science curriculum out… Without a broader education, how are children to acquire vocabulary and learn about abstract concepts, as well as all the things they don’t encounter i    n their everyday lives?.” – Amanda Spielman’s Keynote speech to the Association for Science Education Annual Conference 2018.

Informally Ofsted inspectors have told us that the quality of science teaching in a school can help improve its rating from Good to Outstanding – and this is supported by the Wellcome Trust research which has identified an increase in the mention of science teaching in primary Ofsted reports.

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