"What I liked best was finger printing in the fingerprints workshop, and being shown how to look our for behavioural characteristics in CSI - Biometrics  - It was the best thing this year!"
Hands on Science investigator

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School Report Praise

"I was particularly impressed in our forces work when C started to explain the concept of air resistance to the other children. C  has demonstrated a very mature understanding and has used scientific vocabulary extremely  well" Extract from CK's school report

Fun Elastic Racers

"The students particularly liked experimenting with resistance and putting the theory into practice in the fun Elastic Racers Workshop"  
a very pleased teacher

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School county:

BirminghamWest Midlands

Density Column

"The boys enthusiasm for Hands on Science is fantastic - they love it."  
JS, mother of W

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Flying the Dart Plane

JE has been showing us his model dart plane and been bubbling with enthusiasm. He is certainly looking forward to next week. Apparently he has to try to outwit you with a relevant question? He has us all involved in this already!"  
RE, Mother of JE

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