KS1 Rocket Challenge

"Child friendly language and a simple, achievable rocket.  An excellent event - a really great fun KS1 Rocket Challenge"
Teacher recommendation

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Experimenting with Acids and Alkalis

I love science - it is really  cool - 

We do  it every Wednesday at our school

I love science - there is so much  to do

The chemical reactions that turn the water blue.

I love science - and so do all my friends

We like making circuits with lights at the ends.

By AG, in her 5th year of attending after school science club  

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CSI – Bloodsplatters

"Thanks so much for the  STEMBOX resources - we have had a fantastic Science week. The CSI - Bloodsplatters in particular really captured the children's imagination.  It made my week watching them work it all out" SB, Teacher

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