Partnerships and Science Festivals

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Looking for a Partner to inspire young people about STEM Subjects?

Do you need inspirational Science Workshops for your Festival?

Does your Company want practical and fun Team Challenges? 


Partners want great value from STEM events and to promote their organisation values. That’s why every one of our partners has a named key account manager. Their role is to understand your needs and work with you to develop the relationship between us.

We will develop and deliver inspiring STEM activities for you. Our team can be branded as your in house science communicators.

Current partners include:

If you are looking for a partner to inspire young people about STEM subjects and careers, please contact us.

SCIENCE festivals

We design and deliver science events for festivals, across the UK. We

  • Take your ideas and help develop them in to a theme
  • Develop inspirational and fun activities
  • Plan in detail – so the events run smoothly on the day

As a trusted partner – we go the extra mile.

corporate CHALLENGES

Our corporate events bring scientific principles and team working to real life challenges.

Be warned – our events induce high levels of competitiveness between teams. Staying late asking for “one more go” to try and be the best, is pretty normal.

Do please get in touch to find out more about how we could help make your next team day stand out from the rest.

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