Inspiring Future Scientists – a True Story

Our aim is to inspire the young about science – and this email from Phoebe who came to our Hands on Science after school club shows we make a lasting impression.

7 years after leaving us to go onto secondary school, Phoebe emailed us looking for some suggestions for  her up coming ISA.

Well, once you have been a Hands on Scientist, you will always a member of our team. So we were delighted to help. In keeping with our philosophy, we did not give Phoebe the answer – instead we emailed some thought provoking ideas for her to follow up.

Here is Phoebe’s reply

“Thank you for your help! I will definitely research F1 cars and spoilers, I am sure I can use the website you gave me as a source. This has helped me very much.

I also expect you will be pleased to know I am thinking of taking A-level physics, potentially going on to study nuclear physics. I have fallen both in and out of love with science, so I would like to thank you and everybody else at Hands on Science for encouraging my love of chemistry and physics!”

Thank you once again,


This blew our socks off – it is exactly why we are so committed to what we do –  Science Matters.