Circulation and Heart Dissection

Circulation and Heart Dissection is a carefully supervised and truly inspiring workshop. It really brings anatomy to life, and provides a unique learning experience for children.

In this circulation and heart dissection workshop we will investigate

  • The function of the heart and how to keep it healthy
  • Circulation of blood through the heart and lungs
  • The anatomy of the heart and the roles of the different parts
  • How to dissect a lambs heart safely and identify the main structures
  • Diseases of the heart and how surgeons can repair defects such as holes in the heart.

This workshop is run in a very clinical manner. It shows respect for cultural sensitivities. It is, of course, fully risk assessed. The workshop has been successfully run in schools across the UK. Weekend master classes and science festivals too find its a real win with the public.

Teacher Feedback 

The workshops were fab. The year 6 classes both really enjoyed the heart workshop and we now have many children who are looking to go into medicine as a career. Thank you to Juliet- she was very resourceful and engaging.


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