Electricity and Circuits

Children learn about electricity by doing lots of hands on experiments. There’s no better way to bring Electricity to life for your KS2 children.

Children love this Electricity and Circuits workshop. They learn about how everyday appliances use electricity. This includes things that light up, heat up, produce sounds and move.

Children learn the following:

  • Electricity is a flow of ‘bits’ of electricity
  • A flow of energy requires a circuit
  • It is possible to change the brightness of bulbs in a circuit.
  • Current is moving electricity
  • A circuit is a map for the current to follow
  • Electricity can only flow around a complete circuit without gaps
  • Switches break and complete circuits
  • Voltage is the force of ‘push’ which moves the current
  • Batteries and other sources supply electricity and that they need to be handled safely
  • Some materials allow current to flow through them. They are called conductors.
  • Some materials don’t allow current to flow through them. They are called insulators


Children make predictions about changes to the circuit and test these predictions. They work in teams and use lights, buzzers, motors, batteries and switches.


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