Electricity for KS1

Electricity for KS1 brings children together as conductors, buzzers, light bulbs and switches. We watch as current -more children- flow around the circuit making the buzzers buzz and the lights light up.

After the practice with the children, we get the components out for some real hands-on investigation.

The National Curriculum doesn’t teach Electricity until Year 4. However Tidemill Academy felt that it was important to introduce this important topic much sooner, and we agreed.

They weren’t sure how to explain this tricky concept to their KS1 children. So they asked us to develop a workshop for them. We let our Early Years Foundation specialist loose on this challenge. As a result Electricity for KS1 is now one of our most popular KS1 workshops.

Once the children can visualise the current flowing in the circuit we get out the real circuit components. That way the children experiment in small teams to make some circuits.

This workshop provides true experiential learning. It engages as many senses as possible and provides immediate positive feedback to reward good choices.


Teachers were so delighted for their children – “They totally got it! “

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