Healthy Bodies

Children will meet and advise Samantha, our child sized skeleton, to make healthy choices with her diet, dental hygiene and exercise.

Healthy Bodies primary science investigation is a great workshop for KS1 and KS2. It pulls together the key messages about the function of the Heart, Teeth, and Skeleton. The workshop is built around the children exploring how to keep their bodies healthy.

Your children will carry out experiments to discover just how much fat there is in a crisp. They will investigate how much sugar there is in a can of coke.

The children will rise to the challenge of applying their learning – when we play a healthy eating game.

The children love meeting tooth decay up close and personal. We don’t forget about looking after our hearts too. So your children will meet a giant heart and a clogged artery.

Your Workshop Leader will adjust the healthy bodies primary science investigation style and content, to suit your children’s prior knowledge.

Healthy Bodies workshop is an overview of several other more in-depth Hands on Science Workshops , Circulation and Heart Dissection, Teeth and Skeletons.

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