Digestion workshop

Children learn about the key organs and functions in the digestion system. They make their own end to end digestion system. Children love this workshop read here one school’s experience.

Our Bodies Digestion workshop supports a range primary science curriculum topics including Animals including Humans and Working Scientifically. It also fits well with our Teeth workshop as this is where the digestion process starts. The subject matter and approach also make it a great Enrichment workshop.

Children learn about their digestion system. We discover the 3 main food groups processed during digestion. Children explore how food is broken down and how it moves through the oesophagus. As with all of our workshops children learn the correct scientific process and terminology. By the end of the workshop they will have made their own Chyme, Gastric Juices, Bolus and Peristalsis.

This is a very hands on workshop. We promise this workshop is well loved and does not smell!

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