KS1 Rocket Challenge

We investigate energy, what it is and what it can do. We look at how it makes things move and fly. We then make some rocket fuel and launch a rocket.

In our KS1 Rocket Challenge each child designs and builds their own rocket- putting all their learning into practice.

As with all our workshops, Hands on Science puts the designs through practical tests with fun activities that everyone enjoys. The session rounds off in a competition – where we expect the best design to win.

This is one of our most popular KS1 workshops. Its got WOW, hands on fun and great science. No wonder that everyone goes home with a smile on their face and a space story to share.

We can run this workshop with between 30-90 KS1 children in a one hour session.  And, if you would like a whole day of Rockets for your children take a look at our KS2 Rocket Challenge workshop too.

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