We investigate what our teeth tell us about human beings. Let’s study model animal jaws and compare them with humans.


This KS2 Science Teeth workshop fits into the national science curriculum topics of Animals including Humans – Impact of diet and lifestyle, Changes with ageing, Teeth care,  Predators and Prey.

Together we will learn:-

  • Why we have different teeth and the function of each
  • The structure of our teeth and how to care for them
  • How we can identify and classify an animal from its teeth alone. We bring along some skulls and jaws for the children to handle and investigate

As teachers know well – learning extends beyond the classroom. Children make their own take home teeth set. They can decorate them either in a later session in class or at home as an extension activity – either colour coding teeth by function or showing decay and debris. This really does stimulate creativity and is a brilliant way for pupils to extend their learning with friends and family.



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