Mars Lander

Can you build then land your spacecraft safely from space? We give you the tools and techniques you need to get a safe landing.

This primary science workshop covers a lot of STEM topics including materials and their properties and forces.

Today people survive car crashes that would have killed them only 10 years ago – Why? Because of scientific discoveries and inventions about safety of materials, combined with principles of physics.

Scientists have saved many lives as a result of working out how to slow things down safely.

In the world of space exploration scientists and engineers have been facing the same challenges. We will share some of their techniques with your children and help them to put the learning into practice. At the end of the session every child takes part in the spacecraft challenge. They place their egg cargo in their Mars Lander and hope to make a safe landing. Children and teachers are amazed at the number that survive “The Long Drop”.

Energy, Forces, Space Exploration and a great workshop climax- this workshop has it all. We use real eggs as it adds to the excitement – but we have a “crafty” way of making sure there isn’t a mess.

Teacher Feedback

The workshops were fab. The year 5 mars lander workshop was very hands on and allowed the children to problem solve. It’s very topical and contextual, considering the probe landed on Mars yesterday.

Rachel G

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